Keth Cherkoba

LG Male Half-orc Cleric of Tyr [Level 3]


Keth Cherkoba, son of the human Borovik Cherkoba of Rashemi, doesn’t know much of half-orc mother, as she left them soon after his birth. Keth and his father resided on the outskirts of Rashemi in the small farming village of Wigston, where his father retired after a life of adventure. Ever ready to help the farmers of the village, or anyone who needed it, he always strove to follow his father’s code to help or protect those in need.

On a dark night, a war party of orcs and barbarians assailed the village – killing everyone in sight and stripping the residents of their valuables. Keth nearly died in his attempt at protecting them, but he and his father were soon overwhelmed and taken prisoner as their village was put to the torch. Father and son, along with the remaining villagers, friends all, were tortured or murdered; always slowly. Keth managed to break free of his bonds, and as he scrambled and fought to gather the shattered remnants of his way of life, he called out into the darkness for Justice. He was overcome with a presence and fell into a trance. He called out to the power, and pledged his life to its service, if only it would grant him the strength to liberate and redeem his people. He was granted a vision of a great scale, the balance of which had been wholly tipped. As he focused on the image, he saw himself from above with crystal clarity, bloody and broken, doing battle with the orc host laying waste to his village. A voice called out to him, charging him with delivering the Justice of Tyr across the land. Without reservation, he agreed, and he observed as his visage erupted in a golden light.

When he awoke, he found himself surrounded by the crushed remnants of his enemies. His fatal wounds had mended themselves, and around his neck was an amulet: a golden depiction of a scale with a massive, gleaming ruby at it’s fulcrum. He called out to Tyr as he rescued his Father and friends from the cinders, and through his devotion to the god, found that he was able to mend their wounds with that same, familiar golden light.

Unable to fulfill his oath to Tyr by remaining in Wigston, Keth set out into the world, traveling to temples devoted to Tyr, eventually made his way to the Sword Coast, and Baldur’s Gate. It was here that he learned of the Cult of the Dragon – an order of zealots that, while once were thought of nothing more as a nuisance, have begun to strike fear into the denizens of the city. He heard talk of people vanishing in the streets at night, entire caravans that never make their destinations, and cities and towns wiped from the map and looted beyond recognition.

Resolved to bring the Justice of Tyr to the villains perpetrating such acts, he sought to ride south with a caravan led by Brand Stoutheart of the Trade Way Trading Company Caravan Southern Sword Coast Fleet. He offers to help protect the caravan bound for a trading expedition with the southern cities on the northern borders of Amn, should the need arise…

Keth Cherkoba

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