Character Creation Rules

Player characters will begin play at level 1.

Ability scores will be rolled up using 4d6. Rolls resulting in 1s will be rerolled until a roll of 2 or greater is achieved. Finally, the lowest of the 4d6 will be dropped with the remaining three highest die resulting in an ability score for the player character.

Players will have the one-time option to reroll the entirety of their statistics before finalization.

Any race/class combination in the Dungeons and Dragons 5e Player’s Handbook are available to players.

Good alignments are preferred, but player characters may be of any alignment so long as they are willing to work together in a party.

Starting gold will be determined per the Player’s Handbook, but will be supplemented with a d100 roll from the DM to reward player characters for any adventures that may have taken place before becoming the Passengers.

Each player character will be presented with one minor magical item prior to the start of play.

Character Creation Rules

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