Brand Stoutheart

Merchant Captain of the Trade Way Trading Company Caravan Southern Sword Coast Fleet


Male Human Caravan Captain


A jovial man, Captain Brand Stoutheart has been travelling up and down the Tradeway for the latter half of his life after being promoted up from his previous and, according to him – prestigious, station of “hired muscle”. A bit more flab, now, than muscle, Brand is very kind, but fiercely protective of his good and his passengers — often in that order. After a brief stop in Berdusk, Brand and the Trade Way Trading Company Caravan Southern Sword Coast Fleet, along with their cargo and assorted passengers, make their way south for the town of Greenest in the Southern Sword Coast, unaware of what awaits them.

After the fighting in Greenest is over, Brand offers the supplies he was planning to trade with them to them as a donation to help them recover from their losses. He agrees to stay in the remnants of the city to help the remaining citizens and Tarbaw Nightill, a close friend of his, to begin the rebuilding process.

Brand Stoutheart

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