Isar Fuaranam

LN Male Human Fey Pact Warlock [Level 3]



Player Character of
Justin Andrew Mason

Isar Fuaranam
(Pronounced: Eee-zar FOO-uhr-an-em)

1st Level Male Human Warlock
6 ft. tall, slender, athletic build, long white hair, azure eyes.
Born 1461 DR ( Age 28 ) in Glister, Thar ( north of the Moon Sea ).

A tall and slender man stands defiantly before you while inclined against a gnarled whitewood staff of carved spruce. His pale skin is sharply accented by long, windswept platinum hair and stern, piercing azure eyes. His clean-shaven facade endures a lone scar which bows above his right eye and descends to contour across his broad cheek. A long robe of grey wool is mounted from his shoulders, cascading down his regal figure from beneath a thick mantle of snowy fur. The sleeves of the garment are drawn taught, exposing his arms from beneath which are elaborately decorated with cerulean woad runework. With a discreet laugh and curled lip, he crests an eyebrow and sinks his gaze in your direction with a look of amusement and intrigue.

“I am the frigid chill on winter’s wind. I am the stillness of the frozen wastes – listless, lifeless, and silent. A place where the sun sleeps and shadows rule across an expanse of endless white. From those wintry shadows I will sap the warmth from the hearts of our enemies and leave them screaming in silence as darkness takes them, pale and shivering, into the next life.”

Context Sidebar

Isar is an ancient Norse male name and a pairing of the Icelandic words “is” (ice) and “her” (army). Fuaranam is a Gaelic conjunction of the two words “fuara” (cold) and “anam” (soul). Isar’s ice mephit’s name is Reoite which is the Gaelic word for frozen.
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Inspired Theme Song: “Scholia Arcana” by Grant Kirkhope; Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning: The Soundtrack


JAM-5E-Winter-Warlock_Familiar-Female-Ice_Mephit.PNGUPON REACHING 3RD LEVEL
Isar will gain the ability to find familiar. For this purpose, the DM has approved an ice mephit.

(pronounced: Roh-tcheh)
The female ice mephit familiar of Isar Fuaranam.

Goals & Ambitions

Isar’s primary goal is to serve the will of his mistress, Auril, the Frostmaiden in the pursuit to power and glory. However, his personal ambition is to one day recover the lost Codicil of White and use the knowledge within to found a society of adventurers dedicated to Icedawn and in service to House of Auril’s Breath back in his home city of Glister.

Isar’s Backstory

Isar grew up in the Great Gray Land north of the Moonsea. His mother was a Lady of Deep Winter in accord with the House of Auril’s Breath at Glister in Thar.

Though he has never known who his father truly was, rumor abound that he was a Rauthat Swordmaster from the House of Swords, an abbey of Tempus residing outside the walls of the city. It is said his father was badly injured and permanently crippled when defending Glister from a massive orc invasion and was afterward instated as a member of the Order of the Broken Blade.

Demoted of his position and unable to walk or defend his home, it is said that Isar’s father fell into a deep depression and ended his own life, abandoning his only infant son. Isar suspects the rumors are true, and this is why his mother refused to ever speak to him on the matter.

Isar spent his younger years in the company of his mother and her fellow priestesses in the temple, learning their faith and tradition, and came to adore the Frostmaiden. Males are uncommon in the clergy of Auril, but with his mother being of such prestigious title, he was all but assured a priestly position when he came of age.


Yet, as the years passed and the boy became a man, he found himself longing for adventure, the danger and excitement of exploration, and a desire to gain his own glory in the honor of his Goddess. When he expressed these desires to his mother she prompted him to pray to the Goddess of Winter for guidance. So he did, and she answered.

On the Midwinter night of his 17th year, during the joyous temple celebration, Isar was overcome with the presence of Auril, and fell to his knees into deep prayer. In a waking dream, he came face-to-face with the Frostmaiden.

For his honest devotion to her, Isar was gifted the touch of the Frostkiss (which instantly turned his black hair stark white, and his dark eyes to an unnatural icy blue).

As he loudly chanted upon his knees, entranced by the visage of Auril, the spectacle of his physical transformation was witnessed by every priestess of the temple, and all fell to their knees in acknowledgement of the presence of the Cold Goddess.

Within the vision, Isar pledged his undying devotion to Auril and swore a pact to serve her. In favor for this, her only command to him was to fulfill his own deepest desires — he was to venture out into the world to seek power and glory in her name.

That very night, before the sun arose to breach the wintery storms, he bid his mother and his temple family farewell, gathered what few possessions he owned, and left Glister to wander to lands afar. He swore to his mother to one day return to the temple and present them with a magnificent relic truly worthy of a House of Auril.

The Long Trek

After leaving his home town of Glister in the fallen kingdom of Thar, Isar began an arduous ten-year trek across Faerun. This long journey took him from the moors and hills of the Great Gray Land northwestward through the towering stone pillars of the Tortured Land and around the peaks of the Turnback Mountains.

Upon reaching the High Ice, he swore a sacred oath to cross the frozen expanse in dedication to Auril, the Frostmaiden. It was the crossing of this immense, desolate, and frozen terrain that evoked the bulk of his near-decade of travel.

He trudged the frigid wastes, bearing the cold for weeks-on-end, until he could no longer. When wintry chill pushed him to the edge of existence, he took refuge (sometimes for weeks or months) at various volcanic-vent oases provided by the Smokeholes.


His only ally in the journey was a tiny female ice mephit named Reoite. He met the small elemental once when he was on the brink of death – collapsed from exhaustion and frost-seared by frigid gale. The icy creature roused him, having been summoned by his mistress to provide aid, and guided the weary adventurer to a nearby hot spring for respite.

For many years the two were inseparable, and they became very close friends. Yet, when Isar reached the edge of the High Ice, forbidden to leave her glacial home, Reoite regretfully parted ways with him. Isar vowed to prove his worth to Icedawn and seek permission for his friend to be free of her wintry bond, and the little mephit agreed she would happily return to his side if permitted to do so by Lady Frostkiss.

Nearly nine years had passed while he wandered the great glacier before arriving at its western borders. Finding himself at Hartsvale in the Ice Spires, Isar followed the Wall, the Spine of the World, westward towards the Sea of Swords, and then finally he traced the shore southward along the Sword Coast where he came to light in the city of Neverwinter.

Character Sheets

Artwork Notes

The character portrait for Isar is heavily modified piece based on the original work titled Rhanloo by Anna Pazyniuk. The portrait for Reoite is a heavily modified piece based on the original work titled Sylph by Preston Stone. All modified artwork created and utilized for personal use only.

Isar Fuaranam

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