Tyranny of Dragons

Tyranny of Dragons I: Greenest in Flames!
The Passengers arrive to find the once peaceful town of Greenest set upon by a bandit raid...

The Passengers arrive to find the once peaceful town of Greenest set upon by a bandit raid. After a short debate about how best to proceed, Brand sends the party of 4 into the town to learn what has transpired, help out however they can, and, of course, make sure the Keep’s coffers are preserved to pay for the shipment of goods they have in tow. After making their way down into the city proper, and surviving their initial entanglements (managing to rescue Hobarth, an elderly citizen of Greenest, in the process), the party manages to fight their way to the Keep. Moments after their arrival, the great gates are sealed as the city’s attackers gather around to begin their siege.

The party finds the Keep in disarray, as its castellan, Escobert the Red, troubled by the uncertainty regarding his family out in the city, is doing a poor job of keeping his men in order. Only after being chastised by Isar does he snap out of it, beginning the archery redoubt of the attackers. The party is quickly introduced to Tarbaw Nighthill, the Governor of Greenest, who thanks them for rescuing Hobarth and beseeches them to help save his people from steel and flame. They are told of an old tunnel beneath the Keep that runs out to the river. The tunnel is disguised as a sewer outlet, but in reality, is a means by which to gather water and funnel supplies into the Keep in the event of a siege. Tarbaw believes this, if kept hidden from the enemy, will allow the party to stow out into the night to rescue and return his people to the relative safety of the Keep. The four agree, and make their way below, only to be trapped by a pair of rat swarms that have taken the tunnel as their home. Using the might of Iriebis, their guile, and illusory fire, the party dispatches the rat swarms with relative ease, and manage to secure the tunnel after dispatching an enemy foraging party that were about to discover it. In need of rest, the party takes shelter behind an illusory wall cast to shroud the tunnel from prying eyes.

During the rest, the unscathed Ukkar decides to scout the city from their new position to determine how best to move to and fro, and observes the besieged keep (its attackers now safely out of cross-bow range), the burning mill, and the besieged Temple of Chauntea. After scaling the stone wall of the temple, and seeing the efforts of the attackers to breach its front door, he returns to the party, and reports that he has found a den of survivors. Rejuvenated by their short rest, the party prepares to make their way to the temple, but Isar returns to the Keep, and summons the City Guard to his side, calling them to come and help save the people of Greenest, who have made their stand in the Temple and will soon be routed. Tarbaw and Escobert allow 20 of their finest to accompany the party on the sortie, and the group moves with all haste to the Temple. Ukkar again scales the wall, and calls out below the positions of the enemies as everyone else charges forth, bearing down upon the front of the Temple. One of the attackers, seeing the resistance, fires a bolt of light into the air, before being felled by the combined efforts of Isar andKeth. As the melee is about to ensue, a deep, bellowing roar pierces the night, and from the distance, an adult blue dragon swoops into the fray, sowing fear into the hearts of Tarbaw’s men, 16 of whom break and flee in every direction…


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