Tag: Villain


  • Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

    Served under Frulam Mondath during the raid on Greenest. Once the city had been thoroughly looted, he offered to return several captives (Escobert's family) to the PCs in exchange for an honorable duel, in which he narrowly defeated Keth. He was …

  • Frulam Mondath

    Carries out the raid on Greenest at the command of Rezmir the Black. Aided in the operation by Landgedrosa Cyanwrath and an unnamed adult blue dragon. After successfully sacking the city, she retreats with her detachment to the Raider Camp. After the …

  • Rezmir the Black

    Observed briefly at the Raider Camp once the alarm is raised. She belittles Frulam Mondath and sends her out of her presence before returning to the safety of the command tent.